Marijuana Dispensary Website Design and Rentals

Washington Marijuana Businesses is dedicated to helping our industry thrive.  We know our industry faces many challenges from federal regulators, to access to investment, as well as being able to process credit card transactions.  This is why Washington Marijuana Businesses is offering low-cost website rentals.  Now you can preserve cash flow, reduce marketing costs, and stay in contact with your patients and customers.

Content Management System

Each website has a content management system allowing you to change your content immediately and without having to pay a website designer.

  • Change content instantly
  • Add pictures
  • Save money by not having to pay an expensive website designer
  • It as easy as using a Word Document




Marijuana Dispensary Medicine Request Shopping Cart

Medicine Request/Shopping Cart

You can choose to add a medicine request/shopping cart to your dispensary or retail marijuana website.  Allow your patients or customers to place orders ahead of time. 

  • Online ordering system
  • Keep track of customer order history
  • Recommend similar products
  • Create coupons
  • Track inventory
  • Show multiple photos of products
  • Customer product ratings
  • Hundreds more features



Marijuana Dispensary patient management system.

Patient Management System

Keep track of your patient and/or customers information as well as staying connected to them.  Whether you are a medical marijuana dispensary or soon-to-be retail store, the patient management system will help you provide better customer service.

  • Manage patient information securely
  • Track order history
  • Easily integrates with email marketing system
  • Send customers and patients coupons.




Petition Systems

Our petition systems will help you not only bring important issues to light, but it will also help you document your support.  In addition, you can keep in touch with supporters with your integrated email marketing system.

  • Inform supporters on important issues in your area
  • Have them sign petitions and track support of important issues
  • Easily integrates with email marketing system to keep supporters informed
  • Have one petition, or 100 petitions.



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