Why Marijuana?

It Creates a New Industry!

The Marijuana Industry is estimated to be in the range of $10 - $100 Billion per year.  Most estimates fall in the $60 Billion range.  Legalizing the marijuana industry will create thousands of legitimate small businesses.  As you know, small businesses are the true drivers of our economy. These will include farmers, distributors, retail stores, marijuana-based food companies, and marijuana supplements.  This does not include revenues from the industrial hemp industry which is used for bio-fuels, clothing, food, paper, and other products.

The marijuana industry will also pump money into other sectors of the economy.  The business services industry for marketing, printing, and website design will have thousands of new businesses  as customers.  Businesses such as Home Depot, Lowes, and other gardening store will have a constant flow of new businesses buying garden supplies.  Plumbers, electricians, and other trades people will be hired for both facility development and maintenance.  Marijuana tourism will be boost for the travel and tourism in states like Washington and Colorado who are early adopters of the legalization.  Finally, government jobs will be created to help regulate the industry.

It Creates Thousands of Jobs!

Based on the estimated industry size of $60 Billion, an estimated 30,000 jobs will created directly from the marijuana industry.  Upward estimates put employment numbers to the 100,000 jobs.  Farmers will have another, more stable and heartier crop to grow. Again plumbers, electricians, and landscaping companies will likely see boosts in employment to meet the needs of the industry. It is worth mentioning, with so many industries in decline, the United States needs as many new industries and jobs as possible.  Looking towards the future, if marijuana legalization goes international, the United States will be positioned to become a world-wide leader or marijuana production and marijuana jobs.

It Creates Tax Revenue!

Many for see total taxes of marijuana representing half of the marijuana costs.  This means marijuana could produce tax revenues of nearly $50 Billion/year or $500 Billion in federal budget terms (10 Years).  While marijuana is not a cure-all for our Federal budget deficits, it does go a long way to providing hard-to-find tax revenues.  It will also help bolster local and state tax revenues.  Washington State tax revenues are estimated to come in between $22 - $400 million/year.

Reduces Government Costs!

It has been estimated that the legalization would save the government $7.7 Billion annually in enforcement costs alone.  It would also have a major impact on the costs of the War on Drugs, which costs the US taxpayers $15 Billion years with absolutely no effect.  Many believe it will reduce the numbers of non-violent prisoners by 1/3 saving state and federal governments almost $25 Billion/year or $250 Billion in federal budgetary terms (10 Years).  In total, we could reduce government costs easily by $40 Billion per year while simultaneously adding $50 billion to the government tax revenues.  This is a $90 Billion benefit to the Federal government and over $900 Billion in a decade.




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